Volunteering at the Mercer Senior Center doesn't have to be a long-term commitment or take a huge amount of your time. Helping out with even the smallest tasks can make a real difference to our seniors and our organization. The Senior Center provides many opportunities to share your talents or skills, to make new friends and to have fun.

  • Summer 2012 Painted walls, added curtains and installed new energy-saving lights
  • Spring 2013 New furnace and water heater installed
  • Summer 2014 New well installed
  • Spring 2015 Attic insulation added
  • Spring 2015 Painted garage
  • Summer 2015 Blacktopped parking lot
  • Fall 2015 Added canopy to front entrance
  • Fall 2016 Septic tank replaced; purchased new tables and chairs
  • Fall 2017 Special appeal to raise money to remodel kitchen in January 2018
  • January 2018 Closed center for month of January to remodel kitchen
  • Spring 2018 New floor in dining area installed
  • Spring 2018 Open House to celebrate kitchen remodeling and 45 years in operation
  • Spring 2018 Added air conditioning units
  • Spring 2019 Repaired roof from ice and winter damage
  • March 2020 Site closed to congregate meals but meals can be picked up
  • April 2020 Both bathrooms remodeled to make them in compliance with accessibility guidelines
  • Dec. 2020 Formed an organization called Mercer Senior Center Friends, Inc. hereafter called "friends" - to support programming, maintenance and expenses beyond normal budgetary items
  • Dec. 2020 Added new flag and flagpole

Recent Volunteer Projects

Volunteers Beautify Mercer Senior Grounds

May 21, 2020

THANKS to a great team of 10 volunteer angels who worked for two hours on a very hot 85-degree day to beautify the grounds of the Mercer Senior Center. Mark Higby enjoyed working with his John Deere Tractor and Chipper and was a hard man to stop for a break and a cool drink. Beth…

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Accessible Bathrooms At Last!

April 11, 2020

Despite the COVID-19 shutdown since March and not being able to get together for lunch with everyone, we have been busy at the Senior Center. Our bathrooms are now wheelchair accessible, light and bright after being freshly painted and adding new fixtures, and a beautiful new floor. Best of all, given the generosity of everyone…

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