Volunteers Beautify Mercer Senior Grounds

THANKS to a great team of 10 volunteer angels who worked for two hours on a very hot 85-degree day to beautify the grounds of the Mercer Senior Center.

Mark Higby enjoyed working with his John Deere Tractor and Chipper and was a hard man to stop for a break and a cool drink. Beth Wetzler worked hard as his Assistant cutting off some of the branches so that using the chipper was made easier.

Mike Chamberlain’s truck and trailer, along with Rita Erspamer’s truck, were quickly filled with small trees and branches for the Hadley Brush Pit or hauled away from the Senior Center.

Doug Bugni skillfully cut dead trees and stumps or sawed trees that had fallen and was guided by Dorothy Wahner on what to cut next.

In addition to carrying branches for the chipper and loading the trucks and trailer, volunteers (Judy Bugni, Opal Roberts, Jim Wahner, Dorothy Bangle, and Rita Erspamer) used trimmers, rakes, and tools to chop, cut, trim, and beautify the area.

Even though another day is needed to eliminate all of the branches, it was amazing to see how much could be accomplished on such a hot day by a GREAT TEAM of volunteers. We will be scheduling another day to finish what we started but want to thank all who participated.