Mercer Chef Retires

September 24th, 2020 was David Walta’s last day of cooking at the Mercer Senior Center.

Walta of Montreal is retiring after nine wonderful years of serving seniors at the Center.

David learned to cook at a vocational school in Louisiana and worked at the Hilton Hotel in Lafayette where his experience working with the chef greatly enhanced his already excellent cooking skills.

He also worked at a Holiday Inn, an Ironwood nursing home for 14 years, and at the Hurley Senior Center for five years. His work in all these settings helped to make cooking seem easy.

He will be remembered for his delicious meals, wonderful soups, home-made breads, great singing voice, and the many friendships he made with all who frequented the Center.

David enjoyed his time in Mercer but will look forward to fishing more and sleeping later.

THANK YOU David and have a safe and wonderful retirement!

As David leaves, Mercer welcomes Tawnya Spriggs Kangas, who lives on a farm in Iron Belt with her family and new husband.

She is no stranger to cooking and has not only filled in at all four Iron County nutrition sites but has worked in various settings for many years including restaurants, a hospital, a school-based early childhood food program, and has also spent time catering.

Welcome to Mercer Tawnya; we look forward to your positive energy and upbeat personality.