Accessible Bathrooms At Last!

Despite the COVID-19 shutdown since March and not being able to get together for lunch with everyone, we have been busy at the Senior Center. Our bathrooms are now wheelchair accessible, light and bright after being freshly painted and adding new fixtures, and a beautiful new floor. Best of all, given the generosity of everyone and the in-kind donations, the project came in well below budget.

Improvements include:

  1. Removed all cubicles so that the bathrooms accommodate wheelchairs and make it much easier to move around.
  2. Widened both entrance doors so they are now accessible.
  3. Replaced toilets and sinks in both rooms.
  4. Added appropriate grab bars on walls and near toilets.
  5. Replaced fixtures (paper towel, toilet paper holders and ceiling lights).
  6. Replaced curtains with blinds.
  7. Replaced electric switches to automatically turn on lights and exhaust fans
  8. Painted walls, ceiling, trim and doors.
  9. Replaced floor to match dining area.

We would like to thank:

  • John Stannisch (Anything Wood) for doing structural remodeling
  • Klopatek Plumbing for the plumbing work and supplies
  • Williams Electric for relocating electrical wiring and installation of lights
  • Action Floors for completing the floor.

In addition, we thank those who donated to this project through our year-end Special Appeal, in-kind donations of supplies, work, painting, and fixtures. Without the cooperation of the contractors and coordination by Dorothy Bangle, Judy Bugni and Dorothy Wahner, this would not have happened.